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 Wagoner Grandparents Rights AttorneyYou Have Rights: We Protect Them

You have raised your child and now they have children of their own, it is a rewarding experience but it can be a stressful situation when you need to step in and take a bigger role in their lives. A Wagoner Grandparents Rights Attorney can help when there is a life changing event, including divorce, separation, death, mental incapacitation or incarceration.

The family law team at the Wirth Law Office – Wagoner is here to help you protect your best interests in your grandchild’s life. It all starts with a free, conditional consultation with a Wagoner attorney at (918) 485-0335 (or toll free at (888) Wirth-Law).

Oklahoma Grandparents’ Rights

In Oklahoma, the courts can decide grandparents’ visitation and possible custody if it is in the best interest of the child. There are no constitutional guarantees to seeing your grandchildren nor any Oklahoma statute that says you can have a role in your grandchild’s life. The grandparent is not the default caregiver unless both parents sign off on that arrangement. But courts do grant grandparents roles in their loved ones lives. It can be a tricky process to try and go it alone in the courts, our team is here to answer your questions about the next step in the process.

A Wagoner Grandparents Rights Attorney can help you make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to making your case before the judge. You don’t have time to re-do your case, because that means you miss out on valuable time with your grandchild due to a mistake in the process. We have helped other grandparents just like you present a strong case to the judge due to a wide range of life changing events.

Free Consultation: Wagoner Grandparents Rights Attorney

When you need to get your questions answered, reach out to a Wagoner Grandparents Rights Attorney for a free consultation with a family law attorney at the Wirth Law Office – Wagoner. Call (918) 485-0335 (or toll free at (888) Wirth-Law). Or, as always, you may enter a legal question in the form at the top right of this page.

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