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  • Fighting Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Oklahoma

    Most people are aware that the use of illegal drugs is a crime. However, fewer people understand that items such as pipes could lead to drug paraphernalia charges in Oklahoma. In fact, possession of drug paraphernalia in Wagoner can result in up to year behind bars and up to $10,000 in fines. (Okla. Stat. tit. […]

  • Examining Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance in Oklahoma

    Drug laws in Oklahoma can be very serious, even if you were not caught selling or using drugs. Possession of a controlled dangerous substance in Oklahoma alone is enough to warrant hefty penalties. An experienced Wagoner drug defense attorney can help ensure you receive a fair trial. Penalties for drug possession range from long-term probation to […]

  • How Does a Wagoner Court Define Accessory to Felony Charges in Oklahoma?

    A felony is defined as any crime which may punished by death or with imprisonment an Oklahoma state penitentiary. Most felonies are generally punished with more than one year in prison, as well. However, in Wagoner, committing the actual crime itself isn’t the only way someone can face consequences if they are an “accessory” to the crime. […]

  • What Makes Something Planning or Threatening a Violent Act Oklahoma in Wagoner?

    In Wagoner, Oklahoma the crime isn’t always in the act. In fact, you can face criminal charges if you are accused of just planning or threatening a violent act Oklahoma against another person. If you are charged with the crime of threatening a violent act Oklahoma, the punishment will depend upon if you attempted, threatened or […]

  • How Do I Contest a Burglary in Oklahoma Charge in Wagoner?

    Burglary in Oklahoma is a crime that can have serious consequences. If you’ve been charged with this crime, contact a Wagoner criminal defense attorney to examine your available legal options. First-Degree Burglary in Oklahoma Anyone is caught breaking into another person’s home with the intent to commit a crime by doing any of the following […]

  • In Wagoner Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight a Driving Without a License in Oklahoma Charge?

    Getting around town is a necessity, but if you’re caught driving without a license in Oklahoma, you could face fines and even jail time. Of course, if you are caught driving without a license in Wagoner, you will need to appear before a judge and present your case. Because of the uncertainty associated with this […]

  • I Am Charged With Hit and Run in Oklahoma, Now What Do I Do?

    Getting into a car accident is usually a terrifying ordeal for almost all of us. However, anyone who fails to stop their vehicle after an accident in Wagoner can be found guilty of hit and run in Oklahoma. This is regardless of who is at fault, or whether any person is injured or property is damaged. […]

  • Facing Conspiracy Charges in Oklahoma? Learn More

    Conspiracy charges in Oklahoma are complicated and serious, and can ultimately result in severe punishment. A charge of conspiracy in Wagoner is governed by Oklahoma law, which defines conspiracy as an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 421). However, in order to qualify as a true conspiracy, […]

  • Can I Fight a Wagoner Oklahoma Application to Revoke Case?

    If you’ve been placed on a suspended sentence, a judge likely “sentenced” you. However, he determined that it was unnecessary to serve your time in jail and, instead, suspended your sentence. Anyone placed on a suspended sentence will have to comply with the judge’s terms, which can include simply staying out of trouble. More often […]

  • Is Aggravated Assault and Battery a Felony in Oklahoma?

    A charge of assault and battery usually follows a fight or physical use of force against another person. “Simple” assault and battery is usually a misdemeanor crime in Wagoner, Oklahoma. However, is aggravated assault and battery a felony in Oklahoma? Usually the answer is “yes.” Aggravated assault and battery can be much more serious and lead to […]

  • Is Obstructing an Officer a Felony in Oklahoma?

    Words may not mean much, but if you don’t listen to a police officer it may land you in trouble. You may end up in jail asking questions such as, is obstructing an officer a felony in Oklahoma? While obstructing an officer in Wagoner is a misdemeanor crime, it is still a criminal offense. Thus, […]

  • What Are Wagoner, Oklahoma Assault and Battery Laws?

    Sometimes, it’s difficult to remain in control of your words and actions when angry at another person. However, if you find yourself physically harming another person, you may also find yourself behind bars for violating Wagoner, Oklahoma assault and battery laws. Defining Assault In the city of Wagoner and in the state of Oklahoma, assault means […]

  • Defining Wagoner, Oklahoma Resisting Arrest Laws

    While it’s usually best to cooperate with police officers, sometimes our encounters with law enforcement don’t always go so smoothly. The City of Wagoner defines this crime in a number of ways, meaning that several types of actions can lead to this charge. Defining Oklahoma Resisting Arrest Laws State statutes define Wagoner, Oklahoma resisting arrest laws. […]

  • How are Domestic Assault and Battery Charges Adjudicated In Wagoner?

    A person suspected of domestic violence in Wagoner, Oklahoma will face domestic assault and battery charges. A conviction of domestic assault and battery is especially serious and can result in anywhere from one year to life in prison, depending on the circumstances. Defining Assault and Battery In the city of Wagoner and in the state of […]

  • What is Wagoner, Oklahoma Law Uttering a Forged Instrument?

    Falsifying a document may be a violation of Wagoner, Oklahoma law uttering a forged instrument. This crime falls within the realm of Oklahoma state law and can have serious penalties. In Oklahoma, “uttering” is another word for selling, exchanging, or delivering a forged document (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1577 ). Oklahoma Law Uttering a Forged Instrument […]

  • Wagoner, Oklahoma Kidnapping Laws: What You Need To Know

    Kidnapping may seem like a crime straight out the movies, but in real life it can be much less dramatic. Even if the crime doesn’t always involve snatching kids off of the street, violating Wagoner, Oklahoma kidnapping laws can still lead to decades behind bars. Defining Wagoner, Oklahoma Kidnapping Laws The city of Wagoner, Oklahoma kidnapping laws […]

  • Wagoner Law: How Can I Fight a Charge of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Oklahoma?

    Registering as a sex offender can seriously limit someone’s life, including where they can live, work, or even visit. However, failure to register as a sex offender Oklahoma can lead to even more serious consequences. If you’ve been charged with this crime in Wagoner, Oklahoma, an experienced defense attorney can help you navigate the difficult legal road […]

  • About Bribery Laws in Wagoner, Oklahoma

    We may not always agree with the actions our elected officials and other public employees take. However, under bribery laws in Wagoner, citizens will find themselves in serious trouble if they are caught even trying to “pay off” a public employee or officer. The city itself does not punish the crime of bribery, but the state […]

  • Examining the Crime of Transporting an Open Container in Wagoner

    Sometimes you want to take the party with you. However, if your party involves a bottle of alcohol, you better think twice. If you’re caught transporting an open container of liquor, wine, or beer in Wagoner, Oklahoma, you could face serious penalties. Defining the Crime In Oklahoma it illegal to transport any container containing alcohol […]

  • Wagoner Criminal Law: Contesting Stalking Charges in Oklahoma

    Stalking charges in Oklahoma aren’t something to take lightly. A conviction can land you in jail, seriously disrupting your life and having a negative impact on your reputation. If you’re accused of stalking in Wagoner, an experienced attorney can help navigate your legal defense. Defining Stalking Charges in Oklahoma Under Oklahoma law, a prosecutor would […]

  • What Happens in Court with a Driving with a Suspended License Charge in Wagoner?

    Not having the ability to transport yourself can become frustrating. All too often you are tired of waiting on public transportation or for others to give you a lift to your destination. If you are caught driving with a suspended license in Wagoner, Oklahoma, you may find yourself far more inconvenienced than relying on others for […]

  • Wagoner Law: What Are Perjury Laws in Oklahoma?

    Lying to officials in Wagoner is governed by the perjury laws in Oklahoma. The law states that  “whoever, in a trial, hearing, investigation, deposition, certification or declaration…makes…a statement under oath, affirmation or other legally binding assertion that the statement is true, when in fact the witness or declarant does not believe that the statement is true…is guilty […]

  • In Wagoner Oklahoma What is Possession of Firearm After Felony Conviction?

    Most people have heard of the term “felon in possession.” However, in Wagoner, Oklahoma, what makes something possession of firearm after felony conviction? A person convicted of any felony in any state could charged with a crime if they are found to be in possession of any firearm. Even being in possession of a legally […]

  • What Is Child Neglect In Oklahoma?

    Child neglect in Oklahoma is a crime that can not only result in legal problems, but also can lead to the splitting up of a family. However, the crime of child neglect is broadly defined, although a Wagoner criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the troubles that come with the charge. Defining Child Neglect in Oklahoma Child neglect has […]

  • Dealing with False Impersonation Charges in Wagoner? Learn More

    A false impersonation charge is similar to fraud. Although it may not be a violent crime, anyone found convicted of it can face years behind bars. An experienced Wagoner criminal defense attorney can help navigate the legal consequences you may be facing. Defining False Impersonation Charges False impersonation charges in Oklahoma are defined as any person […]

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