Wagoner Lawyer Blog How Does the Criminal Process Start?

The Criminal Process Can Start in Two Ways

Video Transcribed: How does the actual criminal process start? I am Stuart Ericson, I am an attorney in Wagoner. So the criminal process can start in two ways if you are the subject of the criminal activity. There can be a bench warrant out for your arrest and you might not even know it; or of course, number two, you’ll just flat out be arrested.

Wagoner AttorneyIf there’s a bench warrant out for your arrest, the best thing you can do, because it’s going to happen, is call an attorney, get an attorney, and then we’ll work with you to … And you’ll get a bail bondsman so you can bond out at your correct timeframe.

You can set that up. If you don’t do it that way, you could be arrested at any time and you’ll be in jail, reaching out, trying to make a bond. So call an attorney and get the bail bondsman set up.

The next thing is, you might just be arrested. And in that case, yeah, reach out, get yourself an attorney and then get somebody in your family to bond you out. After arrest, you will have an initial appearance before a judge. And at that appearance, your case will be set and will go forward.

If it’s a felony, it’ll go forward at the next step with a preliminary hearing. If it’s a misdemeanor, it will be set for a disposition docket. If you need my help, reach out to wagnerlawyer.com and ask for Stuart Ericson, I am the Wagoner Criminal Defense Attorney.

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