Wagoner Lawyer Blog What Is “Harboring a Fugitive” in Oklahoma?

criminal defense lawyer in OklahomaUnderstanding Harboring a Fugitive in Oklahoma

Hi, This is Stuart Ericson, Wagoner Lawyer. Harboring a fugitive is a serious crime in the state of Oklahoma. As per Title 21, Section 440 of the state law, if you have knowledge that a person is a fugitive from justice, and you assist them in hiding or evading arrest, you commit a felony that can land you in prison for up to 10 years.

It is important to note that the key element of this crime is knowledge. If you don’t know that the person is wanted by law enforcement, you cannot be charged with harboring a fugitive.

What Constitutes Harboring a Fugitive?

Harboring a fugitive doesn’t just mean hiding them physically. It can also include providing them with financial assistance, transportation, or any other means that helps them evade arrest. Even providing them with a place to stay for a short period can be considered harboring a fugitive.

It is essential to understand that this crime can have severe consequences, both for the fugitive and the person assisting them. If you suspect that someone you know is a fugitive from justice, it is vital to report it to the authorities and let them handle the situation.

What to Do If You Are Questioned by Law Enforcement?

If you are questioned by law enforcement regarding harboring a fugitive, exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and contact an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can help you understand the facts and advise you on how to proceed.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Attorney

If you have any questions or concerns regarding harboring a fugitive in Oklahoma, reach out to me, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney Stuart Ericson, at WagonerLawyer.com. As an experienced attorney, I can help you understand the law and protect your rights. Contact me today for a free consultation at (918) 485-0335.

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