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  • I Am Charged with Petit Larceny in Wagoner, Okla. Now What Do I Do?

    Larceny: A Theft Crime Larceny is a theft crime. It is a crime against property as opposed to a crime against a person. Because we value human life more than we do property, crimes against people are generally more serious than crimes against property. Such is the case in Oklahoma. Larceny is a less serious […]

  • How Can I Fight a Charge of Possession of Child Pornography in Wagoner?

    Possession of Child Pornography Spells Serious Trouble¬† With the advent of the internet, it has become ever easier to download and share child pornography. And as pedophiles become experts at obtaining child pornography through internet and other sources, government law enforcement agencies have stayed in lockstep, cracking down fiercely on possession. Oklahoma has a number […]

  • In Wagoner What is the Crime of Trafficking Illegal Drugs?

    Oklahoma law imputes trafficking in illegal drugs if sufficient quantities of the drug are found in your possession, custody or control. If convicted, the penalties are severe. Contact an attorney as soon as possible.

  • What Constitutes Grand Larceny in Wagoner?

    Grand larceny is a crime of theft in Oklahoma and if the property stolen is $1000 or more, you could spend up to 5 years in prison. If you are being charged, make sure you hire an experienced Wagoner criminal defense attorney today.

  • Can I Beat an Assault and Battery on a Police Officer Charge in Wagoner?

    Assault and battery on a police officer in Oklahoma is punishable by years in prison. But, defenses are available. Talk to your attorney.

  • How a Wagoner Court Adjudicates Malicious Injury to Property Charge

    Malicious injury to property in Oklahoma is more than just a prank. It is a crime, and if convicted, you could face jail time in addition to fines and a civil action for treble damages. Make sure to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

  • What is a First Degree Manslaughter Charge in Wagoner?

    First degree manslaughter is a felony offense in Oklahoma. It occurs when a death occurs without a specific intent to kill. There are only certain circumstances in which it applies. Consult with a Wagoner criminal defense lawyer.

  • How Does a Wagoner Court Define Violation of a Protective Order?

    Violation of a protective order in Oklahoma is a misdemeanor for a first offense. A subsequent offense is a felony. All offenses involve possible jail time. Even indirect contact can be in violation of a protective order. instead of contacting someone who has a protective order naming you, contact an attorney.

  • Examining the Crime of Arson in Oklahoma

    Arson is the intentional setting of a fire, with the intent to destroy a structure or its contents. It is always a felony in Oklahoma. Arson in Wagoner, Oklahoma can be classified as of the first, second, third or fourth degree. In order to be found guilty, you need to have either set the fire, […]

  • Charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Wagoner

    Possession of a stolen vehicle in Wagoner, Oklahoma, is a felony. Getting caught with a stolen vehicle can also lead to a variety of related charges ranging from joyriding to robbery. Each related crime has its own elements that must be met for a conviction and each has its own range of penalties.