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  • When Are Wagoner County Family Law Cases Public Record?

    Family law cases in Oklahoma are considered civil matters. While criminal cases enjoy a certain degree of privacy protection in sensitive matters, very few family law cases are sealed. Most family law cases are a matter of public record.

    That means the public can access most anything that is filed in a family law case. It also means that anything that is transcribed during a hearing or trial will be part of the record. The most acrimonious allegations, evidence, and testimony will likely be available to anyone who wants to see it.

    Oklahoma law does provide limited privacy protection for some cases. In these cases, the records are sealed. There is usually a public policy reason for these exceptions. Privacy protections are extended in these more sensitive cases.

    There are some sensitive matters that a court will protect during a family law case if requested. Things such as social security numbers, birthdays, and other sensitive information will be redacted from the record. You must request that the court seals that information in order for the court to do so.

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