Wagoner Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

Wagoner Misdemeanor Defense AttorneyYou’ve Been Arrested; We Can Help

It can be a scary ordeal getting arrested in Wagoner by the police or by the county sheriff. When you or a loved one have been taken into custody for a misdemeanor offense, it is time to call the legal team at Wirth Law Office – Wagoner. A Wagoner Misdemeanor Defense Attorney is just a free phone call away at  (918) 485-0335.

When you’ve be arrested, the police and prosecutor are working to assemble a case against you. You can’t delay when it comes to speaking with a Wagoner defense lawyer to understand your rights and the legal road ahead.

Misdemeanors Have Lasting Results

Misdemeanors can haunt you for a life time; a Wagoner misdemeanor defense lawyer who understands the system can help you fight the charge. In the state of Oklahoma, a misdemeanor offense is a crime that can be punished with a fine, probation or no more than one year in a county jail.

Types of Misdemeanor Cases

A Wagoner attorney can help with the following Oklahoma misdemeanor cases:

  • Bad Check Charge.
  • Breaking and Entering, other types of property crimes.
  • Drug Charges, possession of drugs.
  • DUI, other alcohol related offense, driving or boating offenses.
  • Firearms/Weapons Possession.
  • Juvenile Crimes.
  • Open Container.
  • Shoplifting.
  • Theft.

If you do not see the offense that you or a family member have been charged with, don’t worry. Our team can handle any type of misdemeanor offense case.

Free Consultation: Wagoner Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

When you or someone you care about has been charged with a misdemeanor in the Wagoner, Oklahoma area or any of the surrounding counties, the misdemeanor defense lawyers at Wirth Law Office – Wagoner are here to provide you a free consultation to discuss what our team could do to handle your criminal matter.

Contact the Wagoner misdemeanor defense lawyer at (918) 485-0335 to schedule your confidential and no-cost consultation. You may also contact us by email using the form at the top of this page. Either way you reach out to our team,  we’ll get back to you promptly to answer your legal questions.

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