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Wagoner Child Support Modifications AttorneyConfusing Child Support System

By now you have seen that Oklahoma’s child support system can be difficult, confusing and frustrating to handle on your own. A Wagoner Child Support Modifications Attorney can help you because we understand the system and have assisted other parents just like you to adjust their payments.

There are many reasons why a divorce decree that includes child support may need to be modified. A family law lawyer on our team can help you put together the best case possible when it’s time to go before a judge, so do not waste time or money.

How A Child Support Modifications Lawyer Can Help

When child support payments are straining your financial situation due to a significant, life-changing event, a Wagoner attorney can help. The courts will consider changes to the child support order if there has been a significant change in income, an order that did not have any stipulations for medical support, a change in daycare, loss of medical insurance or a change in medical insurance, or if the child is no longer entitled to child support due to age.

Do you have questions about your specific situation? We can help get you those answers during a confidential consultation at our Wagoner office.

20 Percent Rule

A Wagoner Child Support Modifications Attorney can help you sort through your financial situation to see if the child support obligation can be changed under Oklahoma state law. There is a 20 percent cutoff that the courts use as a mark to determine if a support plan can be changed, if one or both parents have had significant financial changes. There have been changes to the law or other family law court guidelines that can make it confusing to modify your support plan on your own.

Free Consultation: Wagoner Child Support Modifications Attorney

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