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Wagoner Paternity AttorneyProtecting Your Parental Rights

A Wagoner Paternity Attorney can help you determine the identity of a child’s father and protect the legal rights of each parent and the child. A baby can be a blessing but it can also bring a lot of stress and fear when the identity of the father or role of the father in that child’s life is in question. Our legal team is here to help you fight for your legal rights and make sure that your role is legally sound in that child’s life.

Unwed couples need to establish the identity of the father in a legal document, which is something our team of family law advocates can assist with at our Wagoner office. It all starts with a free phone call to a Wagoner Paternity Attorney at  the Wirth Law Office – Wagoner at (918) 485-0335.

Oklahoma Paternity Process

After the birth of a child, the courts require that an Acknowledgment of Paternity document is filed that shows the names of the mother and the father. If both parents agree, then that form can be filed at the hospital at no charge. But a fee will come into play if it is filed after the child leaves the hospital. That late filing will require  the Oklahoma Department of Health to review the new form and issue a new birth certificate for the child.

Even if you and the mother get along now, a Wagoner Paternity Attorney can help establish everyone’s roles in the child’s life in case the situation changes. If you have questions about how to protect your role or how to make sure the father takes a role in caring and supporting the child, contact our team to get answers to your paternity questions.

 DNA Test to Determine Father

Blood tests were used in the past to determine the identity of a child’s father, but now DNA can rule out a higher percentage of men as the father of a child. That is why more people opt for a DNA test to quickly find out that question of the identity of the child’s father.

When you have questions about paternity, a Wagoner Paternity Attorney can advise the mother or the man that is being told he is the father of a child. For a free consultation, reach out to a family law attorney on our team.

 Confidential Consultation: Wagoner Paternity Attorney

We understand the sensitive nature of the situation and can provide you answers to your paternity questions in a confidential manner. If you are the mother, father or the man told he is the father of a child that you know is not yours, then it is time to speak with a paternity lawyer at our Wagoner, OK law firm. For a free consultation with an Oklahoma Paternity Attorney call the Wirth Law Office – Wagoner at (918) 485-0335 (or toll free at (888) Wirth-Law). Or, as always, you may enter a legal question in the form in the upper righthand corner of this page.

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