Attorney for CDL Tickets in Wagoner, OK

High Stakes

wagoner CDL ticket attorneyUnlike getting a ticket with a Class D license, a CDL ticket has an impact beyond the financial. Aside from the initial cost of paying for a CDL ticket, you could end up paying in another way. Your license could get disqualified, suspended, or revoked.

If you rely on your CDL license for your job, your livelihood could be at risk if you get a CDL ticket. You could be off the road and out of work for months, years, or even life as the result of a ticket.

To learn about the possible ramifications of a CDL ticket, contact an attorney from Wirth Law Office – Wagoner.

CDL Ticket Consequences

CDL ticket attorney wagonerYour best defense against a CDL ticket is prevention. Drive carefully, exercising caution and common sense. However, it can be hard to avoid a ticket from a patrol officer with a keen eye for potential violations and a boss to please.

Even if you think you’ve done everything right, it’s difficult to keep up with every possible thing that could go wrong when driving a commercial vehicle. Something as simple as forgetting your CDL license could get you a ticket if you’re pulled over.

While one ticket can be harmful, a second ticket could lead to a CDL disqualification. Also, you can’t file for a hardship waiver or work permit when this happens.

Two CDL tickets within three years could put you out of work for two months. A third ticket in three years could result in four months without work.

Certain violations, such as an alleged mistake at a railroad crossing, can lead to an immediate disqualification. A single railroad violation can get you a 60 day suspension. A second violation within three years can get you suspended for a year. Your CDL can be permanently revoked due to offenses like a felony drug conviction.

If you’re facing the consequences of a CDL ticket, skilled Wagoner CDL attorneys can help you explore your options.

Don’t Just Pay and Go On Your Way

wagoner attorney CDL ticketIf you get a CDL ticket, it’s dangerous to just pay it off and move on, assuming it won’t happen again. If you brush it off, you may not be prepared if you get a second ticket later on. A second offense takes you off the road for 60 days.

It’s important that you take a CDL ticket seriously. While your first step should be paying it, don’t let yourself forget about it after that. Use it as motivation to be more diligent when it comes to examining your commercial vehicle and avoiding potential offenses.

If you’ve received your first CDL ticket, whether you’ve paid it off, you should contact a CDL attorney in Wagoner to guide you through your next steps.

Subjective CDL Laws

The laws related to CDL tickets in Oklahoma are often subjective. Whether they’re related to suspension, disqualification, or revocation, the wording is vague enough to be interpreted differently depending on who you ask.

The phrase “following too close” can mean different things to different people. Without an attorney on your side, you could end up in a he-said-she-said battle with a patrol officer.

Wagoner’s Wirth Law Office CDL attorneys know how to dig deep into the law and interpret it. They can examine the wording of the Oklahoma CDL laws and determine how it affects your situation.

Free Consultation with a Wagoner CDL Ticket Attorney

If you’re driving with a CDL and want to know how to keep your record clean so you can keep driving, contact the Wagoner CDL attorneys at Wirth Law Office. If you’ve gotten a CDL ticket, our attorneys can help you find out what your options are. For a free consultation with skilled CDL attorneys in Wagoner, call Wirth Law Office at (918) 485-0335 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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