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You Got a Ticket. Now What?

wagoner traffic ticket attorneyIf you got a traffic ticket, your first instinct may be to pay it off and move on. While this is sometimes a good idea, it is not your only option. One important thing to understand about traffic violations is that certain offenses put points on your license that can lead to a suspension or even a revocation.

While not all violations accrue points, the ones that do are the ones you’ll want to pay special attention to. A no-points violation may not be worth fighting in court. It’s the kind of ticket you can pay and move on from. However, a violation that affects your driving record should be fought.

In addition to points and the cost of the ticket, a violation could also raise your car insurance rates. If you use your car for your job, a license suspension could affect your income. You may also need to pay fines and appear in court.

Going to Court

Should you choose to fight the ticket, you’ll be required to go to court. If you want a chance at getting a plea bargain, you’ll need an attorney. A skilled traffic ticket attorney from Wirth Law Office – Wagoner can turn a game of luck into a game of skill.

Our attorneys understand the different bases you can use to fight your ticket. Depending on the type of ticket, there will be a certain basis to fight it on. Prosecutors may agree to reduce the citation so no points go on your license. Your Wagoner traffic ticket attorney may even be able to have the charge overturned.

The Points System

traffic ticket attorney wagonerThe way the points system works on your driver’s license is that you get penalized after you’ve accumulated a certain amount of points. A single point won’t get you an immediate penalty, but points can add up and lead to a suspension.

If you get ten points on your license within five years, your license will be suspended by the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The first time this happens, they will suspend your license for a month. You’ll also have to pay a fee to have it reinstated.

The second time you get ten or more points on your license, the suspension lasts three months. The third times leads to a six-month suspension. The fourth and any subsequent times result in your license being suspended for one year.

Luckily, you can also have points removed from your record automatically. For every 12 months that you go without getting any points on your license, two points are subtracted. If you go three years without accruing any points, your slate is cleared to zero.

Another way to get points removed from your license is to attend a six hour driver improvement or defensive driving course. You can do this once every two years, and it will erase two points.

Common Citations Attorneys Can Fight

Violation Points
Speeding (41+ mph over)  4
Speeding (26-40 mph over)  3
Speeding (11-25 mph over)  2
Speeding (1-10 mph over for
CDL/CMV only)
Reckless driving  4
Careless driving  2
Running a stop sign or red light  2
Driving without a valid license  1
Improper lighting  1
Impeding traffic  1


For more information about violations that put points on your license, you can consult this chart.

Free Consultation with a Wagoner Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you have a traffic ticket in Wagoner that you want to fight, you need the expert representation of an attorney from Wirth Law Office. They can get the citation reduced so it doesn’t put points on your license. They may even be able to get the charges dropped. For your best chance at your desired outcome, contact Wirth Law Office – Wagoner for a free consultation. Call (918) 485-0335 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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