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  • What is Trespass After Forbidden in Wagoner?

    Trespass after forbidden is a type of criminal trespass. Depending on the type of land and the number of prior convictions, you could spend time in jail. Contact an attorney in Wagoner with your questions and concerns.

  • What Happens if Convicted of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon in Wagoner Oklahoma?

    Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Oklahoma is a felony. Penalties can be as much as 10 years in prison. Oklahoma defines a dangerous weapon as a weapon that is likely to cause death or great bodily injury. If you are facing any type of assault and battery charges in Wagoner County, you need a qualified Wagoner criminal defense lawyer to protect your freedom.

  • Contesting an Trafficking Illegal Drugs Charge in Wagoner Oklahoma

    A conviction on drug trafficking charges in Oklahoma almost always means mandatory prison time. Trafficking in illegal drugs can be implied based on quantity of drugs seized absent any other proof of intent to distribute. Drug packaging, cash and business records can also be evidence of drug trafficking. Wagoner defense lawyers often attack intent-to-distribute charges by challenging searches as illegal or refuting claims that seized drugs were in the defendants possession. Standard defense lawyer advice for anyone who might be suspected of selling drugs illegally is to never consent to any search of person, vehicles or property.

  • What Makes Something Reckless Driving in Wagoner?

    In Oklahoma, reckless driving is defined as driving in careless and wanton disregard for the safety of people or property. It is a misdemeanor and f sentenced, you could go to jail.

  • How Can I Resolve A Warrant For Failure To Pay Court Costs In Oklahoma?

    Failure to pay court costs and fines in Wagoner can result in arrest warrants that do not go away on their own. Within the scope of what courts will accept, a Wagoner defense lawyer can help you resolve a warrant for failure to pay fines on terms that best fit your budget and schedule.

  • How Can I Fight a Wagoner Oklahoma Charge of DUI – Third Offense or More?

    Oklahoma Has Tough Penalties For Repeated DUI In Oklahoma it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher. Okla. Stat. tit. 47 § 11-902. Depending on a number of factors, including weight, food intake, stress and other factors, this can be a very small amount of […]

  • In Wagoner What is Vehicle Burglary?

    Vehicle Burglary Can Have Serious Consequences Burglary of all sorts is a crime of stealth. The term conjures images of a masked man carrying a bag in which he will put his loot as he steps lightly making his getaway. And the images are warranted to some extent. In Oklahoma, burglary is an illegal breaking […]

  • Do I Need a Wagoner Lawyer for a Burglary 2 Oklahoma Charge?

    Picture this scene. It is dark out. A young man has a crowbar and smashes a window of an empty Wagoner, Oklahoma office building to get to some computer equipment inside. He knows he can nab it and sell it to a buddy for some quick cash. Now picture this scene. A young woman takes […]

  • Defining Enabling Child Abuse by Injury in Wagoner

    When a child is injured in the care of a parent or other caregiver, that person and others may face criminal charges in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Even if you don’t directly harm a child, you could still be charged with enabling child abuse by injury in Wagoner. What is Enabling Child Abuse by Injury in Wagoner? Child […]

  • How Does a Wagoner Court Define Shooting with Intent to Kill?

    Sometimes firearms accidents happen, but shooting with intent to kill is an entirely different matter. This is a felony crime in Wagoner, Oklahoma, and it carries a long prison sentence. Elements of the Crime In every criminal law, there are specific elements that must be proven to secure a conviction. All the elements must be proven beyond a […]

  • What is Interference with an Emergency Call in Wagoner?

    Wagoner, Oklahoma authorities want to protect people in emergency situations. However, they can’t if there’s interference with an emergency call. Defining Interference with an Emergency Call in Wagoner It is a crime in Wagoner to intentionally interrupt, impede, or interfere with anyone who is attempting to, or who is in the process of, placing an emergency […]

  • What is the Computer Crimes Act in Wagoner?

    Computers are everywhere. We use them all the time in daily life in Wagoner, Oklahoma. A great deal of our personal and financial information is available to the skillful hacker. Computer crimes are on the rise, often with devastating damages to victims of the crime. As a result, Oklahoma has passed the Computer Crimes Act. […]

  • Wagoner Law: What is Grand Larceny Oklahoma?

    Every jurisdiction, including Wagoner, has laws against taking another person’s property. Grand larceny Oklahoma is one such crime. Petit vs. Grand Larceny Oklahoma? Oklahoma divides larceny into petit (“small” in French) and grand (“large” in French). (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1703) The state has been taking steps to reduce the considerable size of its […]

  • Threatening a Violent Act in Wagoner is a Serious Crime

    You may not be aware of it, but just threatening a violent act toward another person is a crime in Wagoner, Oklahoma. All that is required for a conviction is for the prosecutor to prove that you threatened to perform an act of violence that could cause great bodily injury or death to another. Threatening […]

  • How Serious is Intimidating a Witness in Wagoner?

    We know the drill from old Hollywood movies. A gangster gets arrested. As soon as he does, he sends out the word to ensure that any witnesses don’t testify against him. Sometimes that means the witness conveniently disappears—often down the East River. Sometimes life in Wagoner, Oklahoma imitates art. Let’s face it—being arrested is scary. […]

  • Am I Civilly Liable in Wagoner if I Break Into a Vehicle to Protect a Child?

    The temperature soars during a typical Oklahoma summer, and the temperature in a car can rise more quickly than we know. A hot car can be a death trap for a child. Sometimes, a parent leaves the child inside while he or she runs into a store for a quick errand, not knowing that the […]

  • How Do Divorces Wagoner County Impact Retirement Accounts?

    As couples move through divorces Wagoner County, each spouse must turn their eyes toward the future. Assets that were once shared must be divided between the spouses. Often times, outside of the family home, a couple’s largest asset may be retirement accounts. When a couple divorces in Oklahoma, retirement accounts may well be divided between […]

  • Can a Wagoner County Divorce Lawyer Protect My Inheritance?

    When you come to the end of a relationship with a spouse in Oklahoma, it is natural to want to protect yourself and your financial future. A Wagoner County divorce lawyer can help you in many ways. Sometimes, however, how we treat our money and other possessions during a marriage will dictate how that asset […]

  • How Do I Change My Wagoner, Oklahoma Child Support Payments?

    Wagoner, Oklahoma child support payments can be changed in a number of situations. If you are having difficulty making your Oklahoma child support payments, don’t wait until you are behind. Likewise, if you believe that the child support payments you are receiving should be increased, seek legal help as soon as possible. FAQ: Oklahoma Child Support […]

  • Can I Move My Children Away After a Wagoner, Oklahoma Divorce?

    Under Oklahoma law, custodial parents in Wagoner County who want to move more than 75 miles from their current home must notify the non-custodial parent before the move. The non-custodial parent has an opportunity to challenge the move in family court. Contact a Wagoner child custody attorney if you are concerned about relocation of a child who is subject to a child custody order.

  • Can a Wagoner Lawyer Get Me My Fair Share of Oklahoma Marital Property?

    One area of real concern among divorcing spouses in Wagoner is the division of marital assets or Oklahoma marital property. It is important to understand what marital assets are and how the court will divide them in your divorce. Here are some things that might help you better understand this process. What is Oklahoma Marital Property? […]

  • Can a Wagoner Attorney Enforce an Oklahoma Prenup?

    We hear about “prenups” all the time in celebrity divorce cases. A Hollywood star couple marry and then split. Each party comes into the union with significant personal assets and upon divorcing, they retain their assets. You might wonder how that happens. Well, some of the answer lies in excellent planning and advice from their […]

  • Who Keeps the House After Wagoner County Divorce Filings?

    When an Oklahoma couple decides to pursue Wagoner County divorce filings, often the family house is the single biggest asset the couple owns outside of retirement accounts. Deciding what to do with the family house is a fundamental part of the task of dividing up their assets and liabilities during Wagoner County divorce filings. How to Decide Who […]

  • When Can a Wagoner Attorney Get a Child Custody Order Modified?

    A child custody order in Wagoner, Oklahoma is a living, breathing document. It supports parents during and after a divorce when children are involved. As children grow older and our working and personal lives change, sometimes child custody orders need to be modified to fit those changes. Custody, support, and visitation are all modifiable. As […]

  • How Does Adultery in Oklahoma Affect a Wagoner Divorce?

    When a spouse commits adultery in Oklahoma, it is natural to feel betrayed and angry. When that betrayal leads to divorce in Wagoner, you may wonder whether that is sufficient grounds for divorce in Oklahoma and whether you should make that allegation in the proceeding. Here are some things that you may want to know […]

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