Wagoner Lawyer Blog How Long Do We Have to Wait to Get Divorced in Wagoner County?

When You Can’t Wait to Get Divorced

wagoner divorce attorneyMany people who are contemplating divorce in Oklahoma want to know how long the divorce will take. Many want the process to be as rapid as possible. Every marriage is unique. Some couples are able to resolve their issues quickly, even in the midst of a heartbreaking ending to their marriage.

Others may have a more difficult time resolving issues, even if their initial steps toward divorce are somewhat amicable. The time that couples will have to wait to get divorced after filing their papers varies.

Quick Divorces Are Possible

It is possible for some couples to get a divorce in Oklahoma in some instances in as little as 10 days after filing their paperwork. These quick divorces are only possible if the couple has no children and if they are able to agree on all of the issues that must be resolved.

As part of their paperwork, the couple will have to complete and file a settlement agreement outlining their proposed resolutions on all issues that must be resolved, including the division of assets and liabilities and any spousal support. If the judge approves the agreement and all the paperwork is in order, the divorce can be finalized in 10 days.

The Waiting Period Is Longer If You Have Children

Usually, a quick divorce in Oklahoma is not possible if you have minor children of the marriage. Oklahoma law requires a 90-day waiting period for couples with minor children (Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 107.1). This waiting period is intended to provide the couple with time to see if they really do want a divorce. Sometimes, couples change their minds and decide to stay together.

Waiver of the 90-Day Period

divorce attorney wagonerIf you can’t wait to get divorced, you can request that the court waive the 90-day waiting period. A court may waive the waiting period under two conditions. When either of these conditions is met, the court may have good cause to waive the waiting period. By doing so, the court decides that the couple is unlikely to work out their differences enough to stay together. A waiver is possible if:

  • neither spouse objects to the waiver, or
  • both spouses have already attended marital counseling

There are other reasons that a judge might waive the waiting period. These reasons include things that make it highly unlikely that the couple will reunite. Some examples are:

  • Extreme cruelty
  • Abandonment for one or more years
  • Habitual substance abuse
  • Imprisonment on a felony charge, or a state institution for the insane for a period of five years or more with a poor prognosis for recovery
  • Certain crimes against children.

If you want to understand your specific situation better, get the help of an experienced Wagoner divorce attorney.

Free Consultation with a Wagoner Divorce Attorney

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