Wagoner Lawyer Blog Oklahoma Divorce: What Is a Temporary Order?

A Temporarily Order Decides Certain Things until a Final Decree Can Be Done

Video Transcribed: In a divorce case, what is a temporary order? I am Stuart Ericson, I am an attorney in Wagoner. A temporary order is a court order signed by a judge either after a hearing or entered by the parties after an agreement by the parties. It is an attempt to temporarily decide certain things until a final decree can be done. And of course, a final decree of divorce can’t happen until after a trial or a full agreement between the parties.

So again, this temporary order attempts to settle issues temporarily until the full hearing on the merits. So for example, when a divorce happens or a petition is filed and the parties split, it needs to be determined who’s going to live in what house, where are the kids going to live, how is custody going to work, and who gets custody, what schools do they go to, what is the visitation of the parent who does not have custody, who’s going to pay the car payments, the mortgage payment, all those things can’t just happen when a divorce is filed.

All those payments have to continue to be made, children still have to go to school, people need places to live, and mothers and fathers need to see their children. So a temporary order settles all those things temporarily until the final divorce trial or an agreement can be reached.

So a temporary order is very important to get that done because then it settles it with an order where the parties can’t really argue or shouldn’t argue with each other anymore because it is settled. It will be spelled out in the order of how life will work with these items until a decree is entered. So very important.

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