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  • Wagoner County Family Law: Do I Have to Let the Dad See the Child?

    Visitation between the father of your child and your child can be a thorny issue when the relationship between the parents goes awry. The question of whether you have to let the dad see the child depends in large part on your particular circumstances. Generally, the answer lies in whether the father has enforceable rights. This depends on whether there is a court order in place.

    Generally speaking, if there is a court order in place for visitation, you have a duty to abide by that order. That means that you must let the dad see the child. There is a caveat to this general rule, however, and it is a big one. You must abide by the court’s order unless the visitation puts the child at immediate risk of irreparable harm. In that case, you have a duty to protect your child.

    These are highly sensitive issues. Before you make any decisions, you should seek counsel with an experienced Wagoner child custody attorney. Each situation is unique and you need to know how the law will affect your particular situation.

  • In Wagoner County, How Can I Get Full Custody of My Child?

    Custody can be full or joint. In joint custody cases, both parents take equal responsibility for their child. In full custody cases, one parent takes on much more responsibility for the child. Full custody can include physical and legal aspects.

    Physical aspects revolve around where the child lives and with whom. Legal aspects revolve around who makes major decisions regarding the child. These include medical and educational decisions. 

    You must ask the court for full custody in either the petition or response to the petition. Most of the time, when one parent asks for full custody, a battle ensues.

    This whole process can seem overwhelming if you try to handle this on your own. It is better to have legal help. An experienced child custody attorney can help guide you, draft court documents, and help the judge understand your position clearly.

  • How to Look Up Wagoner Family Law Cases

    Like many things these days, many courts have records available online. While not all records are available, many family law court records can be found online. You just need to know where to look.

    For older Wagoner family law cases or cases from smaller counties, you may either need to go to the county or have someone get those records for you. In Wagoner, two different systems are available to search for records online. They are OSCN (Oklahoma State Courts Network) and ODCR (On Demand Court Records).

    Once you get the documents you need, you may have questions regarding the contents of those documents. Bring your questions and concerns to an experienced Wagoner family law attorney.

  • How To Win Back Child Custody In Wagoner County

    It is possible to win back custody. It requires a substantial and permanent change in circumstances. Learn more about that in this article.

  • An Overview Of Child Support In Wagoner County

    Oklahoma uses child support guidelines in determining support amounts. There are adjustments and deviations that are possible. Learn more here.

  • How Do Divorces Wagoner County Impact Retirement Accounts?

    As couples move through divorces Wagoner County, each spouse must turn their eyes toward the future. Assets that were once shared must be divided between the spouses. Often times, outside of the family home, a couple’s largest asset may be retirement accounts. When a couple divorces in Oklahoma, retirement accounts may well be divided between […]

  • Can a Wagoner County Divorce Lawyer Protect My Inheritance?

    When you come to the end of a relationship with a spouse in Oklahoma, it is natural to want to protect yourself and your financial future. A Wagoner County divorce lawyer can help you in many ways. Sometimes, however, how we treat our money and other possessions during a marriage will dictate how that asset […]

  • How Do I Change My Wagoner, Oklahoma Child Support Payments?

    Wagoner, Oklahoma child support payments can be changed in a number of situations. If you are having difficulty making your Oklahoma child support payments, don’t wait until you are behind. Likewise, if you believe that the child support payments you are receiving should be increased, seek legal help as soon as possible. FAQ: Oklahoma Child Support […]

  • Can I Move My Children Away After a Wagoner, Oklahoma Divorce?

    Under Oklahoma law, custodial parents in Wagoner County who want to move more than 75 miles from their current home must notify the non-custodial parent before the move. The non-custodial parent has an opportunity to challenge the move in family court. Contact a Wagoner child custody attorney if you are concerned about relocation of a child who is subject to a child custody order.

  • Can a Wagoner Lawyer Get Me My Fair Share of Oklahoma Marital Property?

    One area of real concern among divorcing spouses in Wagoner is the division of marital assets or Oklahoma marital property. It is important to understand what marital assets are and how the court will divide them in your divorce. Here are some things that might help you better understand this process. What is Oklahoma Marital Property? […]