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  • Does an Interfering with an Emergency Call Conviction in Wagoner Mean Prison Time?

    Interfering with an emergency call may sound like a trivial crime, but in Oklahoma, if you are convicted, you could face jail time. Call a Wagoner defense attorney to get the help you need.

  • I Am Charged with Petit Larceny in Wagoner, Okla. Now What Do I Do?

    Larceny: A Theft Crime Larceny is a theft crime. It is a crime against property as opposed to a crime against a person. Because we value human life more than we do property, crimes against people are generally more serious than crimes against property. Such is the case in Oklahoma. Larceny is a less serious […]

  • How Does a Wagoner Court Define Violation of a Protective Order?

    Violation of a protective order in Oklahoma is a misdemeanor for a first offense. A subsequent offense is a felony. All offenses involve possible jail time. Even indirect contact can be in violation of a protective order. instead of contacting someone who has a protective order naming you, contact an attorney.