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  • Estate Planning After a Divorce?

    After a divorce, it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to struggle with the new circumstances, financially and otherwise. Even if the divorce occurs after the children are no longer in the home,  re-organizing one’s life and priorities can still be a challenging, life-changing event for the entire family. After the property and […]

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Oklahoma

    Divorce is the formal dissolution of a legally valid marriage, and it is the most common way that a marriage ends in Oklahoma. In order to receive a divorce, certain steps must be taken, which include filing a petition for divorce, deciding how marital property is to be divided, deciding on child custody and determining […]

  • The Consequences of a Drug Charge in Wagoner County

    The consequences of a drug charge in Wagoner County can be severe because Oklahoma has some of the stiffest penalties for drug crimes in the United States. If you or someone you know has received a drug charge in Wagoner County, it would be wise to speak with an experienced drug crimes attorney to discuss […]

  • DUI Defense in Wagoner, Oklahoma

    A DUI arrest should be taken seriously; even a misdemeanor DUI conviction can lead to time in jail. A second DUI in Oklahoma may be classified as a felony and may affect not only your ability to drive, but also your ability to vote, to get a job, to get into the military and to […]

  • Should I Hire a Wagoner Lawyer to Prepare a Will in Oklahoma?

    The purpose of preparing a will before you die is two-fold: to insure that your estate is disposed of in the manner you wish and to save your family time and money, and the need to make difficult decisions while grieving your death. Ordinarily, you do not need an attorney to prepare a will in […]

  • Felony False Impersonation Charges Dropped

    Wirth Law Office – Wagoner secured an important victory for a client facing a felony charge of falsely impersonating another. After hearing arguments, the court dismissed the charge. Prosecutors tacked on the felony charge after police pulled the man over in a traffic stop and he used a phony name to hide his identity. Oklahoma […]

  • Six Things You Need to Know About Attorney Fees

    Among all the reasons people first contact an attorney, their concerns most often can be summarized as two questions: can you help me, and what is it going to cost me. While it’s often easy for a person to explain their legal problem to an attorney in simple terms, for various reasons, the matter of […]

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