Wagoner Lawyer Blog What You Need to Do After a Wagoner OK Car Accident

wagoner-ok-car-accidentYou have finally returned home from the hospital after a traumatic Wagoner OK car accident.  Your leg is in a cast and there are stitches across your skull.

You won’t be able to return to work for another week or so.  You are already out a week’s worth of wages for the time you spent in the hospital.

You have even received a few medical bills in your mailbox.

Here are the best things to do after a Wagoner OK car accident.

Don’t pay the medical bills.

The person responsible for the car wreck will be liable for your medical bills.  Do not pay the bills out of your own pocket – if you do, it may take a long time to get reimbursed.

Instead, call the phone number listed on the bill. Explain that you have been in a car accident and that you will be giving the bills to your attorney. Tell the representative with whom you speak that your Oklahoma personal injury attorney will follow up.

Make an appointment with your Wagoner car accident attorney.

If you haven’t done so yet, call and make an appointment with a Wagoner personal injury attorney.

Gather all medical bills, records, police reports, witnesses’ information, etc.

Keep all important information related to your Wagoner OK car accident and injuries in one place.

Take everything with you when you go to meet with your Wagoner personal injury attorney.  Have your attorney make copies of these documents.

Take the originals back home with you and store them in a safe place.

Attend all follow-up appointments scheduled by your physicians.

Sometimes, you don’t know the full extent of your injuries until months after your Wagoner OK car accident.  It is extremely important that you attend all follow-up appointments to ensure that the full extent of your injuries and recovery time is understood.

Your Oklahoma personal injury attorney will be unable to obtain full compensation for your injuries if the full extent of them is not known.

Therefore, cooperate with your doctors, physical therapists and all other medical providers.

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