Wagoner Lawyer Blog Why is There No Upper Limit to Wagoner County Child Support?

Understanding the Relationship Between Support and Income

child support attorney wagonerIn Oklahoma, child support guidelines top out at $15,000 a month in parental income for each parent. But that does not mean that child support is capped at that amount. If it were capped at $15,000, you could ostensibly have a situation in which one parent earned millions of dollars a year, while the other earned $60,000 annually.

The income disparity that the child would experience in going between the two households would be severe. Instead, child support continues to increase as parental income increases. This may seem unfair, but child support is meant to benefit the child.

Less Income Disparity Makes a Child Feel More Secure

Divorce has a profoundly negative impact on children. Judges try to minimize that impact by working to keep the child’s life as “normal” as possible after the divorce. Minimizing the impact of income disparity can be one way to do that.

The judge doesn’t seek so much to make the incomes similar between the two parents as to minimize the impact of the disparity on the child. This can help a child feel more secure after a breakup.

Judges Rule on Child Support Above Guideline Income

wagoner child support attorneyFor parental incomes above $15,000 monthly for each parent, a separate hearing will have to take place. The court will hear evidence and testimony regarding income and proposed child support. As long as income keeps rising, child support payments most likely will as well.

This may not affect a large part of the populace, but let’s say you have two lawyers or doctors in the household, or a sports figure. Their income may well be in excess of guidelines. Divorce could make the children feel impoverished if one of the spouses makes significantly less money than the other. A court will want to hear what the child’s life was like before the breakup in order to determine how much support will be needed for the child.

Understanding the needs of the child can go a long way to understanding the lack of a cap on support. In all cases, the support is meant to benefit the child, not the ex-spouse. If you have questions or concerns about this issue, bring them to an experienced Wagoner child support attorney.

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