Wagoner Lawyer Blog Should You Talk to the Police in the Beginning of a Criminal Investigation?

Remain Silent

Video Transcribed: Should you talk to the police at the beginning of a criminal investigation? I am Stuart Ericson, I am an attorney in Wagoner. So at the beginning of a criminal investigation that you might be the target of, you could be detained by the police, you could be asked to come in for questioning, or you could be arrested.

I advise you to exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, and actually say it out loud if you come into contact with any law enforcement in Wagner. Just say, “I would like to exercise my Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent.” That will help you. In Wagoner County, it could be in the city limits, and then that would be with the Wagner Police Department.

If you’re out in the county, not in city limits, it might be a deputy sheriff that approaches you. But again, just say the words, “I invoke my Fifth Amendment rights to remain silewagoner lawyernt.” As far as Miranda rights go, if you are detained, not free to leave, or arrested, the police or law enforcement will have to give you your rights, and you should exercise them. If you are not arrested, they probably won’t read you your rights because they don’t have to.

Miranda rights come into play when you’ve been arrested or detained and not free to leave. So they won’t always give you your rights. But always remember, you do not have to talk to law enforcement and it’s in your best interest to remain silent. If you need my help, reach out to wagnerlawyer.com and ask for Stuart Ericson, I am the Wagoner Criminal Defense Attorney.

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