Wagoner Lawyer Blog Crimes in Oklahoma: What You Must Know

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Video Transcribed: Crimes in Oklahoma. I am Stuart Ericson, I am an attorney in Wagoner. Every crime in Oklahoma is listed in our statute books, in our law books, and of course, they have to be, they’re all found in Title 21 of the Oklahoma law.

So each crime is listed in the law books and it states what the elements of each crime are. For example, burglary in the first degree. People think they know what burglary is versus larceny. Well really it doesn’t matter what we think all those laws are, it’s look up the statute, it gives you the exact definition of what the crimes are.

For example, burglary in the first degree here’s a printout of … If you’re charged with that crime, these will be the elements. Every person who breaks into and enters the dwelling house of another in which there is at this time some human occupying it with the intent to commit some crime therein.

So basically, breaking into a house that somebody’s inside of and you intend to commit a crime. Those are the elements of the crime which is to say that’s what the State of Oklahoma has to prove that you did before you can ever be convicted.

So those are very important. What is the actual crime you’re being charged with, what are the elements, and again, there’s not going to be any speculation about it? It will be absolutely listed in Oklahoma state law. That’s generally how the crimes are listed in Oklahoma. If you need my help, reach out to wagonerlawyer.com and ask for Stuart Ericson, I am the Wagoner Criminal Defense Attorney.

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