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Video Transcribed: What is a criminal information? I am Stuart Ericson, I am an attorney in Wagoner. Once you are charged with a crime, the official charging document or paperwork is called a criminal information. And this is a criminal information, it’s a real piece of paper. And it is actually titled, information.

Here’s what it lists on there. It lists the county in which your charge is, this one happens to be in Tulsa County, state of Oklahoma versus the name of the individual, and it gives a case number. For a misdemeanor in Oklahoma, it’ll be a cm case number.

So the very first misdemeanor filed in Wagoner County in 2022 will be CF2022/1. The first case of 2022 criminal felony, CF. A misdemeanor case is a cm, a criminal misdemeanor. It’ll give the year of the charge and then your case number.

It will list the counts. If there is one alleged crime, there’ll be count one. In this case, it’s count one. It will list the date of the alleged offense because again, the State of Oklahoma always has to prove it so everything in this information is an allegation that the State of Oklahoma has to prove.

But it’ll list the date of the alleged crime. It will list the name of the crime that you’re being charged with. And this one here in my hand, I’ve already taken some notes on this one, is burglary first degree and it says a felony.

Then it will briefly list some of the facts that the State of Oklahoma’s alleging against the person. Breaking into a house occupied by, and it’ll give the name, with the intent to commit a crime therein. So it’ll list the most basic allegations of the crime against you.

Because many times when people are charged with a crime, they’re like, “What are they saying? When? Who is the alleged victim? I don’t understand any of this.” And again, every piece of information is not proof. It doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s what the state is alleging against you.

And that gives us some information right off the bat about what they’re saying and what the allegation is and then we can go from there to start determining what the facts are and why have you been charged? So we can fight the case if need be or, or work the case at that point.

So that’s just how the criminal case gets started and what you know that you’re charged with and what you’re facing. Obviously, that’s just general information. If you need my help, reach out to wagonerlawyer.com and ask for Stuart Ericson, I am the Wagoner Criminal Defense Attorney.

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