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  • What Are the Requirements for Alimony in Wagoner?

    When couples divorce in Wagoner, Oklahoma, especially after a long marriage, there may be a disparity in earning ability between the two spouses. One spouse may have given up a job in order to stay home and raise children. Usually, the longer a spouse is out of the job market, the greater the income disparity […]

  • What Are the Differences Between Divorce and Legal Separation in Wagoner?

    The decision to separate can be a difficult one for a couple in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Sometimes, couples decide quickly that divorce is the right option for them; for other couples, legal separation in Wagoner may be a better answer. In coming to that decision, it is helpful to understand the differences between legal separation and […]

  • When Can I Remarry After a Divorce in Wagoner?

    As a resident of Wagoner, Oklahoma, you must abide by state laws if you wish to remarry after a divorce. Oklahoma has a mandatory “cooling off” period after a divorce is final before you remarry. Here is what you need to know. When Can I Remarry After a Divorce in Wagoner? Statistics show that over […]

  • What Happens When I Am Charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor in Wagoner?

    In Wagoner, Oklahoma, contributing to the delinquency of a minor is a charge that we all think we understand at first look. But some unexpected actions might well fall within the law’s purview. Basically, the law is meant to prevent exposing children to illegal activities and behaviors. Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor in […]

  • Can I Fight a Charge of Vehicle Burglary in Wagoner?

    Vehicle burglary in Wagoner, Oklahoma is a serious charge that can change the course of your life. Burglary is a crime of stealth. It is a crime we associate with breaking and entering the property of another. And in fact, whether the breaking and entering is of a house or a car, it is a […]

  • How Serious is Interfering with an Emergency Call in Wagoner, Oklahoma?

    Interfering with an emergency call in Wagoner, Oklahoma is a little-known, but serious crime. When a person calls for emergency services of any kind, the situation is dire. Most states have passed laws to protect persons needing emergency services from those persons abusing, battering, stalking, or harming them. Oklahoma’s law is designed to prevent another […]

  • Possession of Child Pornography in Wagoner, Oklahoma is a Serious Felony

    Most states are cracking down on child pornography and Oklahoma is no exception. A conviction involving child pornography in Wagoner, whether for possession, viewing, or distribution can ruin relationships and land you in jail. FAQ: Child Pornography in Wagoner It is against the law to buy, procure, possess, distribute, display, sell, or offer to sell […]

  • Driving with a Suspended License in Oklahoma is a Crime

    Driving with a suspended license in Oklahoma is a crime. Thus, you should always take it seriously and avoid driving in Wagoner if you are not legally entitled to do so. Why are Licenses Suspended? Licenses are suspended for a reason. If your Oklahoma driver’s license was suspended, it may have been due to one […]

  • Conjoint Robbery Oklahoma Can Result in Serious Consequences in Wagoner

    Conjoint robbery Oklahoma involves two or more accomplices working together in its commission. Because the risk of injury to the victim increases exponentially when two or more persons are involved, so does the penalty. In Oklahoma, the penalties for any type of robbery are harsh. Thus, if you are being investigated or charged with conjoint […]

  • Fighting a Peeping Tom Oklahoma Charge in Wagoner

    Peeping Tom. It is a cute name, but it is a crime. We shiver when we think of being spied on, especially when our privacy feels violated. Wagoner, Oklahoma takes this crime seriously. Thus, a Peeping Tom Oklahoma charge is no laughing matter. A Peeping Tom is a slang term for voyeurism. A voyeur is […]

  • What is Oklahoma Manslaughter in the First Degree?

    All deaths in which one person kills another are homicides, but not all homicides rise to the level of a criminal act. Murder is the most serious kind of homicide in Wagoner, Oklahoma. It is a criminal act done with intent. Manslaughter is a death that occurs without a specific intent to kill. Oklahoma manslaughter […]

  • What is Child Endangerment in Oklahoma?

    We hate to think that our actions could constitute child endangerment in Oklahoma. Children are among the most vulnerable members of our society and we strive to protect them. Yet, caring for child in Wagoner can be difficult. As adults, we are better equipped to deal with the difficulties that we encounter. From financial troubles […]

  • What are Oklahoma Petit Larceny Laws?

    Under Wagoner, Oklahoma law, larceny is defined as the taking of another’s personal property by fraud or stealth, with the intent to deprive that person of their property. Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1701 Oklahoma petit larceny laws call for penalties including fines and imprisonment. FAQ: Oklahoma Petit Larceny Laws The classification of larceny into […]

  • How Can a Wagoner Lawyer Help with a Second-Degree Murder Oklahoma Case?

    All murders are homicides, but not every homicide constitutes a murder Oklahoma charge. If you or a loved one has been charged with second-degree murder in Wagoner, here is what you need to know. What is Murder Oklahoma? In Oklahoma, a homicide is deemed murder in the second degree when the killing is done by […]

  • How Serious is Prescription Drug Fraud Oklahoma?

    Abuse of prescription medications is a growing problem in Wagoner, Oklahoma. This is particularly true of narcotic pain relievers such as Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin. These controlled substances are highly addictive and although they have a defined medical benefit, it is easy to abuse or become chemically dependent upon them. As the problem has become […]

  • Do I Need an Attorney for a No Oklahoma Drug Tax Stamp Charge?

    A number of states have stamp acts on their books, including Oklahoma. A stamp act is a law that requires a buyer or seller to pay a tax to the state in certain types of transactions. The tax is paid and the stamp is affixed to the merchandise being sold. In Wagoner, all controlled substances, […]

  • Can I Beat a Driving Without License Oklahoma Charge?

    Being caught driving without a license in Wagoner, Oklahoma, could be more serious than you first think. A charge of driving without license Oklahoma can lead to fines and even jail time. FAQ: Driving Without License Oklahoma You must have a valid drivers license in order to drive upon any public roads, streets, highways, turnpikes, […]

  • What is the Punishment for Larceny from the House Oklahoma?

    In Wagoner, Oklahoma, larceny is a crime of theft. Each crime of theft has its own characteristics and flavor. Larceny from the house Oklahoma is a felony offense, with significant fines and jail time upon conviction. What is Larceny in Wagoner? Larceny is an intentional taking through the use of fraud or stealth. The statute […]

  • What are the Consequences for a Third DUI Offense in Oklahoma?

    In Wagoner, Oklahoma it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08% or higher. The penalties for driving under the influence increase with each offense, especially once someone has been charged with a third DUI offense in Oklahoma. Basic DUI Information Depending on a number of factors, including […]

  • Charged with Burglary 2 Oklahoma in Wagoner? What to Know

    Any burglary charge in Wagoner, Oklahoma is a serious matter. Whether you are facing first-degree burglary charges or burglary 2 Oklahoma charges, you could end up spending time behind bars. Defining Burglary 2 Oklahoma In Oklahoma, first-degree burglary is a more serious crime than burglary of the second degree, but both are felonies. Both violate […]

  • Defining Child Endangerment in Oklahoma

    Parenting can be difficult at times. Financial difficulties, emotional trauma, substance issues — they can plague us all at times. Sometimes, the children are the ones to suffer most, though we may not desire that outcome. Every year, we hear stories about children neglected, abused, or endangered. Every state has a number of statutes on […]

  • In Wagoner, Identity Theft Oklahoma Could Cost You

    The crime of identity theft Oklahoma carries severe criminal consequences, particularly in Wagoner. In this Internet age, our identities are everywhere on the net. We pay bills, do our banking, and buy and sell items and services. Our birth dates, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers are everywhere. In addition, we go out and […]

  • Manufacturing Drugs in Oklahoma is a Serious Crime

    We have all watched the news and heard about the growing number of meth labs that seem to be flourishing everywhere. While methamphetamine might be the most obvious method of manufacturing drugs in Oklahoma, it is not the only one. Methamphetamine, however, is one of the most dangerous due to the types of chemicals that […]

  • How Serious is Possession of Burglary Tools Oklahoma?

    We value our possessions, but more importantly, we value our safety. Although burglary is a crime against property, it makes us feel less safe in our homes and businesses. It is a crime that officials in Wagoner, Oklahoma take seriously. Though it may seem like a trivial crime, being caught in possession of burglary tools Oklahoma is […]

  • What is False Declaration of Ownership in Oklahoma?

    A charge of false declaration of ownership in Oklahoma is not one commonly known outside of a Wagoner pawnshop. It is a charge that is most often levied with regard to a pawnshop transaction gone wrong. FAQ: False Declaration of Ownership in Oklahoma The nature of a pawnshop transaction is one of immediacy. You take a […]

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