Wagoner Lawyer Blog When Can I Remarry After a Divorce in Wagoner?

remarry after a divorceAs a resident of Wagoner, Oklahoma, you must abide by state laws if you wish to remarry after a divorce.

Oklahoma has a mandatory “cooling off” period after a divorce is final before you remarry. Here is what you need to know.

When Can I Remarry After a Divorce in Wagoner?

Statistics show that over half of those who divorce will remarry after a divorce. And although the sting of divorce may put a damper on remarriage for many, some will already be involved in another relationship before the divorce decree is final.

There are many reasons for this, but if you live in Oklahoma, you may need to wait to remarry or cohabit with another.

Oklahoma has a six-month cooling off period after divorce. During that time, you may not remarry or cohabit with another person. You may remarry or cohabit with your ex-spouse however. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 123

The purpose of the six-month period is to allow couples a period of time to reconcile. During this time period, you are still considered legally married to your ex-spouse.

For some couples, a period of time away from each other can calm emotions and allow the partners to gain some perspective. This may be especially important when children are involved. Often, children suffer the most in a divorce.

If you marry someone other than your ex-spouse before the expiration of the six-month period, your new marriage is considered voidable. That means that your new marriage can be easily annulled if you or the other party desire it.

In addition, you will be committing bigamy, a felony subject to a one to three-year prison term.

If you divorce in another state and then move to Oklahoma, the six-month period will not apply.

Likewise, if you divorce in Oklahoma and then move out of state, you are free in that state to remarry after a divorce.

However, if you subsequently move back to Oklahoma within that six-month period, you could be found guilty of bigamy.

Why Risk Jail?

In all likelihood, you may never be charged with bigamy should you remarry after a divorce within the six-month window.

However, you could be charged if someone, such as an angry ex-spouse, brings the matter to the attention of the District Attorney. Don’t risk it.

If you want more information, hire an experienced Wagoner divorce attorney. Your attorney can let you know if the six-month period applies in your case, and how to protect yourself and any other partner you are involved with.

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