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alimony in WagonerWhen couples divorce in Wagoner, Oklahoma, especially after a long marriage, there may be a disparity in earning ability between the two spouses. One spouse may have given up a job in order to stay home and raise children. Usually, the longer a spouse is out of the job market, the greater the income disparity between spouses.

Alimony in Wagoner is not a right, but a remedy. It is meant to address this income disparity at divorce.

If you are facing a divorce, here are some things about alimony that you might want to know.

What is Alimony in Wagoner?

Spousal support or spousal maintenance and alimony are similar, but the timeframe in which they are awarded are different. Spousal maintenance is awarded during the time that the divorce proceeding is ongoing. It is meant to allow continued support while all the other matters in the divorce are being negotiated and resolved.

Alimony in Wagoner is awarded at the end of the divorce process. It may continue for a prescribed time determined by the court or continue until the other spouse either remarries or passes away. Alimony can be paid in monthly cash installments or in property.

Oklahoma Court Alimony Guidelines

Oklahoma uses guidelines for the awarding of alimony during a divorce. Judges have some discretion in the awarding of alimony rather than using a strict calculation. In making the determination of whether to award alimony, for how long and for how much, a judge will look at each situation individually to determine if alimony should be awarded, how much alimony should be awarded, and for how long.

One of the most important factors reviewed by a judge is the length of the marriage. The judge also considers the ability of each spouse to support themselves.

Alimony may be awarded only in the short term if the Oklahoma marriage was not long and the court determines that it may not take the spouse a lengthy time to retool job skills and enter the job market.

However, if the marriage was lengthy, or one spouse is either incapable of working or has a disability, the court may award alimony for the longer term or indefinitely if the situation warrants it.

Finally, even though a spouse may need alimony, the court will only award it if the other spouse has the ability to pay it. Thus, even if one spouse needs funds to retool, if the other spouse cannot reasonably pay alimony, it will not be ordered.

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